Speed up your drupal 7 cms

If you are using drupal as a blog and your content is mostly static then you may want to consider using the performance option built into Drupal. One great thing about Drupal is the ability of this cms to scale as your site starts to grow.

How to enable performance options in Drupal 7

Top ten ways to create a social network

Social Networking Technology
I have spent the past seven years searching for the best way to create a website using the best CMS (content management system) and have made quite a few interesting discoveries. I am providing a list of technologies I have had experience with in order to help and save time for people who might interested in partaking in such a task.

DRUPAL (www.drupal.org)http://www.drupalgardens.com/) http://pm.go.th/) is also based on drupal and it looks like they have a few more resources than I do.

Drupal 8 CMS excitement

I am excited to see Drupal 8 in alpha releases and will start to get my feet wet when the beta releases comes out. One feature that is sure to please many people is the inclusion of Views in core. I think the inclusion of views in core alone will be a major factor in increasing the early adoption of Drupal 8 once the final stable version of this popular open source cms is released. User registration fields will be easier to modify in core along with more emphasis on mobile support and responsive sites.

What is content management

If you are asking yourself what is content management, then you have come to the right place because I am going to give you a brief breakdown of what managing content involves. When you have a website and you often display information, pictures and other media types its important to organize the different types of content into usable and searchable terms. If you have a group of photos for example and you want to organize them in a category then you might consider creating a Gallery container with all the similar photos grouped under this one specific gallery.

What is a content management system

A content management system or a CMS as it is often referred to as is a software package that can be administered from a web interface. Content management systems allow you to provide permissions to different users allowing them different levels of access to the system depending on the type of functionality you want the user to have. Content management systems are used to run anything from giant news sites, governmental websites, entertainment sites on down to basic blogs and personal web sites.

Project management software

I ran across and interesting project management solution that integrates with Drupal as a module and once enabled coverts your Drupal content management system into a project management system. With tools that help users communicate and monitor tasks this open source project looks like the way to go for someone interested in setting up a low cost/no cost Project management solution for people to collaborate effectively on projects.

Web development software

When you think of web development software many times you think of software packages that give you a WYSIWG type interface for creating websites. One option that I think is a good idea to look into is using a content management system for your web development software needs. Open source content management systems such as Joomla or Drupal and others offer a rich set of features for managing a website with simple to advanced functionality that is supported by a large open source community.


OpenSuse 12.2 is really a nice user desktop as well as a great server for those looking to upgrade to linux and start using software with more freedom and less worries. For most users linux will do more than what the could want from and operating system. Typically my days are filled with looking for information an the internet and browsing youtube and listening to music online. I use the free office suite to work on documents and create archives of information. Going open source really is a pleasure these days and I would recommend it to anyone who has been thinking about the idea.

Linux Open Source

I find I really enjoy using linux over closed source desktops for the mere fact that its much easier to do whatever you want without and concern for licensing for upgrades etc. I particularly like Ubuntu Linux as well as openSUSE and they both enjoy a large user community that will help you out if you run into any problems or have questions. If you are thinking about moving to Linux but only have one computer then you might want to test it out as a live disk before you commit to the full install.

Drupal Cms

One of my favorite open source cms is of course what this site is built using. If your not familiar with Drupal, its worth checking out. I consider Drupal one of the best content managment systems for a variety of different types of websites. Check out http://drupal.org/ for a list of themes and different types of modules that you can use to customize your website using Drupal. One of my favorite sites that uses Drupal for managing content is http://www.theonion.com, this site features comedy news stories.


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